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29 | 01 | 2016

Comtrade speaks at CoSMoS

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Conference on Smart Mobility Services that will be held on March 8th in Ingolstadt, Germany, will focus on smart, connected and convenient mobility

People are looking for more sustainability and quality of life. They are not longer interested in booking trips from station to station, they rather organize and pay their trips from door to door. Smart, connected and convenient – this will be the future of mobility.

Changes in digitalization and information technology have transformed our lives from scratch. Just one example is how the Internet and smart phones have revolutionized mobility. The “spotify and netflix generation” is sharing and subscribing to their mobility options as they are to their entertainment.

This shows one more time that new technologies are enabler for new business models. These business models could open up big potentials for car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, transportation companies, fleet operators, it-companies as well as local authorities. Important for success in new fields are cross-sectoral partnerships.

The Conference on Smart Mobility Services organized by Bayern Innovativ in corporation with the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences takes a look into the New Mobility Ecosystem and shows interesting solutions from industry and science. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to meet experts and decision makers.

Marko Javornik, VP/GM Mobility & Travel at Comtrade will present “Techology Disruptions Shaping the New Mobility Ecosystem” on Mach 8th 2016 at 11.30 am.

Complete agenda of the conference can be found here.

The main conference language will be German.

Simultaneous translation will be provided if at least 15 English speaking participants are registered.

If you are interested please contact:
Jennifer Reinz-Zettler

Christina Beinlich