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19 | 07 | 2010

ComTrade Becomes Microsoft’s Slovenian Partner of the Year

Sunday, 11 of July saw Washington open its doors to the five-day Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). At the Conference, Microsoft is set to give out its Partner of the Year Awards in recognition of its registered and certified partners who have developed exceptional solutions for their clients. This year’s global awards ceremony for best partners also saw Slovenian-based partners grab the limelight. Microsoft’s award for Partner of the Year in Slovenia thus went to ComTrade, who is a long-standing and prominent member of Microsoft’s partner network.

Microsoft first introduced the awards which are given out at country level and not only related to the field of the applied project. Microsoft’s Country Partner of the Year Awards were designed to award companies who stand out in their respective countries thanks to their business excellence and solid partnership relationship with Microsoft in developing solutions for their clients. The winners of the awards thus excelled with efficient cooperation with the local Microsoft subsidiary, generating client satisfaction, developing innovations, winning new accounts and positively influencing Microsoft’s performance.

The tradition of Microsoft’s Country Partner of the Year Awards was inaugurated in Slovenia by ComTrade, formerly known under the name of Hermes SoftLab, which has made great progress in the field of e-health care by developing their renowned and complex solution IRIS. IRIS replaces the formerly applied information solutions and goes several steps better in its holistic treatment of health care provision. The solution allows a holistic and efficient overview over the patient and processes of managing health care centres, and thus guarantees excellence in management in line with the highest standards. This product is already being used by a quarter of healthcare personnel and a third of Slovenians in primary healthcare. Upon ComTrade being selected Partner of the Year, Matej Potokar, general director of Microsoft Slovenia, said: »Companies like ComTrade are a key part of Microsoft’s vision. ComTrade is an advanced provider of software solutions and has been using the latest products and technologies from the very beginning. I’m sure that the Partner of the Year Award is going into the right hands. Microsoft’s daughter company in Slovenia is already looking forward to further joint success with ComTrade in the future.«

»Microsoft and ComTrade have maintained an ongoing strategic partnership for several years. With the help of Microsoft technologies, ComTrade has managed to develop several solutions for Slovenian and global clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Our focus within the partnership with Microsoft remains on developing innovative solutions with Microsoft’s technologies. By doing so, we want to offer added value to out IT investors, invest in developing new generation technologies, as well as to generate fast and responsive business solutions,« added Janko Cajhen, general director of ComTrade.

The Country Partner of the Year Awards were given out at a gala event yesterday, 14 July, at Microsoft’s WPC Conference in the US capital, Washington. The Award was received on behalf of ComTrade and all its employees by general director Janko Cajhen, in the hope of continued successful cooperation and finding common solutions for clients.

The Country Partner of the Year Awards