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23 | 08 | 2010

ComTrade improves education in the region

Using only its own resources, IT company ComTrade created an electronic learning application named Teach.Me. This locally manufactured product is an effective system for providing the youngest users with secure internet environment, while at the same time allowing for a wide range of opportunities for curriculum improvement. In experts’ opinion, the software solution fulfills all contemporary global standards in this area, including so called Parental Control.

Software will be delivered together with mobile ClassMate PC – MiniBook computers, also manufactured in ComTrade. This package is intended for use in elementary schools. Both hardware and software components are expected to be put on the free market soon, in Serbia as well as in the neighboring countries.

It is anticipated that introduction of a last-generation mobile e-learning platform to the schools will significantly advance the education process in Serbia and abroad, especially because the project involved more than 100 Serbian engineers and programmers. The Solutions will be presented to the public during Knowladge Factory, IT event dedicated to business and education which starts on September 7th in Belgrade.