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12 | 02 | 2010

ComTrade company HERMES SoftLab prepares for embedded world 2010 conference

ComTrade company HERMES SoftLab will once again demonstrate its expertise in the field of scalable embedded software when it appears as a participant in one of the most important conferences related to this topic – embedded world 2010. The conference, organized from March 2nd – 4th in Nurenberg, Germany, is a perfect place for ComTrade to showcase its numerous projects. The presentation space will be located at Stand 221, Hall 11.

As a renowned IT solutions and services provider with experience on international level, HERMES SoftLab operates a specialized Embedded Systems Group which comprises of over 100 top-class engineers. At the conference, company plans to showcase only the most impressive projects for several key industries including Automotive (infotainment & diagnostics), Energy (home automation, electronic metering), Gaming (slot machines and other EGMs), Measurement Devices (handheld & integrated workbench), Media (digital audio, networked music), Medical (diagnostics equipment & tele-health) and Telecommunications (handset applications, last mile equipment). The company is also well known for its testing capabilities, which will be presented at the event along with other innovative software solutions.

Dr. Holger Wilken, HERMES SoftLab Germany: “At embedded world 2010 we will showcase ‘intelligent’ electrical devices, which are based on a subtle embedded software implemented by HERMES SoftLab; innovative building blocks to adapt IT systems and devices to the latest point-of-care connectivity standards; as well as field-proven automated testing systems. Those examples of our expertise will demonstrate our ability to acquire new technologies and to transform them into applicable tools and services for our customers.”