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01 | 01 | 2010

Spinnaker New Technologies became Comtrade System Integration on January 1st

Official changes starting from New Year

On January 1st 2010, ComTrade company Spinnaker New Technologies changed its formal name according to its long-term strategy for market penetration. New name Comtrade System Integration was chosen in order to emphasize field of operations and point out the level of expertise in high-tech domains. Besides this, new name very clearly demonstrates ties of the company with ComTrade Group. Hermes SoftLab and the other ComTrade Group member companies will be renamed soon, in agreement with strategy of integration and penetration into developed market

New name for new breakthroughs

President of ComTrade Group Veselin Jevrosimović used this occasion to point out:” In the previous two decades, we have invested lot of effort and resources to make ComTrade a recognizable and respected brand. Now we need to use existing strength of the brand to make quicker advance into the global software solutions market and open a new chapter in the history of the company. For these reasons, the name change was a logical step we had to make.”

Spinnaker role in the development of ComTrade Group

Established as an independent company in 2001, Spinnaker New Technologies was on the front line of technological progress since the very beginning, serving as a trend-maker for the rest of ComTrade Group. As time went by and level of competence rose, Spinnaker became the base for development of a business unit dedicated to design, implementation and maintenance of comprehensive IT solutions. Working primarily for medium-to-large companies, governmental institutions and high-tech vendors, Spinnaker was recognized as company with great potentials for future growth. This potential started to be realized in April 2008, when ComTrade Group acquired 100% share of Slovenian Hermes SoftLab, thus doubling its capacities and improving its reference list.