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09 | 09 | 2009

ComTrade gained the highest level of partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation awarded ComTrade with the status of Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR).

This status, received by Comtrade System Integration (Spinnaker) as part of ComTrade Group, along with the status of Microsoft Gold Partner, allows the company to extend its offering by including solutions for licensing of Microsoft products and services based on Microsoft technologies. This way, ComTrade improves the segment of its offer targeted primarily for large companies and provides significantly better conditions than before.

LAR status allows ComTrade to provide additional complex IT services under Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, Select and Select Plus licensing programs, with significantly better conditions and additional benefits for medium and large enterprizes which are not available through other licencing agreements.

By acquiring this status, ComTrade Group makes its partnership with Microsoft Corporation complete and now covers following levels of communication and cooperation: Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner, Microsoft OEM Distributer, Microsoft Direct OEM Partner, Microsoft Commercial distributer and Microsoft Large Account Reseller.

Microsoft LAR status is a confirmation of high level of confidence from world-renowned software company such as Microsoft and another important step forward towards improvement of the offering of Serbian IT companies.