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13 | 01 | 2011

ComTrade is the largest IT company in the region

According to results of the survey conducted by agency IDC Adriatic for Croatian daily „Poslovni Dnevnik“, ComTrade kept the title of the largest IT company in the Adriatic region this year as well. On the recently published list of 100 largest IT companies, there are 18 Serbian enterprises, along with 35 firms from Croatia and 23 from Slovenia, while ComTrade occupies the top spot with revenue of € 231 million during 2009 (which is around 9.3% of total revenue for top 100).

The results imply that the market as a whole experienced fall of revenue by nearly 14% during 2009, and is now valued at total € 2.48 billion, with number of employees in this sector dropping by 3% in the same period and now totaling 13.248. As expected, the greatest difficulties were observed in the IT retail sector (revenues decreased by 20%), with companies active in fields of IT services and software development fairing somewhat better (10%).

On the top 100 list there are 59 companies involved in these types of activities, with ComTrade leading the way and covering 19% of regional market for software and IT services. This fact clearly demonstrates the strategic orientation of ComTrade, a company with capacities greater than the regional demand which offers services of more than 1000 software engineers and 10 specialized development campuses to the global market. Company also has business units specialized for distribution of IT equipment, brand-name PC assembling and other activities. The top 100 list also includes 29 distribution companies and 12 retailers. In the top 5, ComTrade is joined by Croatian M-San Group, regional system integrator S&T, Slovenian IT distributor Avtera and global giant IBM.