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29 | 05 | 2012

ComTrade Signed a Strategic Partnership with BMC Software

Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana – ComTrade today announced it has become a BMC Software partner for the Adriatic region, further strengthening its position as a respected international company that is investing in development to provide world-class business solutions. ComTrade enables businesses to optimize and manage their IT environments and ensure uninterrupted delivery of business services.

The strategic partnership between ComTrade and BMC is founded on professional competencies, references of the company and its employees, regional presence, and continued consistent performance of ComTrade.

“By solidifying this partnership, ComTrade has joined the team of BMC experts for Business Service Management,” said Janko Cajhen, business development director for Adriatic region, ComTrade. “The partnership is a great starting point for focused development of Business Service Management (BSM) skills and competencies. As a BSM pioneer and leader, BMC offers a modular approach to BSM implementation that reduces risks for companies. BMC has more BSM implementations than any other provider and applies its extensive experience to any project. We are proud to have become a part of the success story written by BMC.”

“Our strategic partnership with ComTrade underlines BMC’s commitment to address the needs of the dynamic and fast-growing Adriatic region,” said Panayiotis Semitekolos, territory manager SEE EMEA emerging markets, BMC. “Together with Comtrade, BMC is investing to offer the market the highest standards of quality and competence. Our customers will benefit from the local BMC presence backed by the local capabilities of ComTrade.”

Many ComTrade customers are already using BSM solutions. Potential customers include all businesses that wish to optimize and manage their IT environment and ensure uninterrupted delivery of their business services.

About Business Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is an integrated and unified platform for optimizing IT costs, transparently driving business value, managing risks and ensuring quality of service. BSM simplifies, standardizes and automates IT processes to ensure efficient management of business services throughout their lifecycle.

About BMC

BMC offers BSM solutions in 120 countries and has helped more than 25,000 organizations from various industries to address their most critical IT requirements. Solution implementations are structured and focused on resolving the most pressing issues in the company, while paving the way for integration with future IT management projects.