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01 | 06 | 2012

Ready for EdIT12 on 6 locations in 3 countries

We take off from Serbia, with events scheduled for Kragujevac (July 2nd to 13th) and Belgrade (July 16th to 27th). During two weeks of program, participants will have a chance to play around with Facebook-based Keno game, relying on technologies such as HTML5 and .NET 4.0. The objective will be to develop the popular casino game using HTML5, design its GUI and integrate the game with the most popular social networking site. More information about Serbian side of EdIT12 can be found at

Brain-stimulating action will be continued from July 9th to 20th in Banja Luka, once more with Keno game as the main protagonist, this time as Android application with Facebook integration capacities. The Bosnian edition of EdIT12 summer school will be organized in the Innovation Center Banja Luka (, with the main topic focusing on development of games for the emerging mobile platforms. Activities at the other Bosnian location, Sarajevo, are still in the planning phase, but considering that the school will start in August it would be logical to expect the final word fairly soon.

Slovenian locations will steal the spotlight in August, with EdIT kicking off simultaneously at both Ljubljana and Maribor on 20th and going on through the end of the month. In Ljubljana, young developers will attempt to master the details related to banking applications for Facebook that allow easy balance inquiries and safe transactions. Maribor summer school will place the emphases on gaming applications for Facebook, with participants dedicating their attention to development of an online game similar to bingo that would be connected with Facebook social networking platform.