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29 | 10 | 2014

Comtrade takes the lead among Top 100 IT companies in the Adriatic region

Our company ranked first on the list of Top 100 IT companies in the Adriatic region in 2013, with 231 million euros in revenue, IDC Adriatics reports.

Comtrade company, Croatian distributor M San Group, Slovenia’s Avtera, IBM and systems integrator S&T Group are among the top 5 companies, with the same ranking as in 2012. In 2013, the 100 largest IT companies by revenue in the Adriatic region recorded a total of EUR 2.66 billion in sales and employed slightly less than 15,000 workers. Compared to the previous year the total revenue increased by 7.9 percent, while the number of employees rose by 3.9 percent.

The IDC Adriatic review provides an answer to the question “Who Is Who” in the IT world in the Adriatic region. To end users, IT leaders and procurement, it provides insight into the role and importance of individual players in the market, while giving the IT companies insight into the competition so they can compare their achievements with other players on the market. The review can also serve as a guide for preparing a list of potential partners in the assessment where to spend funds intended for IT investments in the coming year.