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10 | 07 | 2009

CT Computers BA becomes the first VMware Acredited Training Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On June 16th 2009, CT Computers BA and VMware signed a VATC contract. Signing of this contract makes CT Computers BA the one and only authorized VMware training center in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This way, we would like to inform you that during the second half of July (on July 20th, to be exact) we will organize the first VI3 Install and Configure 3.5 training which is the precondition for participation in the VCP exam and acquiring the certificate.

VMware training will be held by Mr. Dejan Stanić, the first authorized VCI (VMware Certified Instructor) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trainings are planned on a monthly basis and will be held at the VATC training facility in Sarajevo, located at ComTrade Technology Center and will use official VMware literature and equipment.

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