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17 | 07 | 2009

Putting theory into practice with the EdIT – international summer school

July 17th 2009, Ljubljana – HERMES SoftLab, member of the ComTrade Group has organized the 13th summer school called EdIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers), the company’s international education program intended for students. This year 90 participants enhanced their knowledge in the area of information technology and successfully tested it on real-life projects. EdIT was held in three countries (Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) in six different locations simultaneously. Like in the previous years the attendance was free of charge for all the participants, with all costs covered by HERMES SoftLab.

Today’s diploma award ceremony was the official conclusion of the EdIT summer school, which took place July 6-17. In the last two weeks students tested their knowledge in the areas of business analytics, support for purchasing business processes and development of quiz applications, using a series of new technologies, such as ORM and Java, under the watchful eye of mentors from HERMES SoftLab.

»The EdIT summer school has reached its purpose again – the large number of applicants attests to the fact that EdIT is becoming a distinctive trademark in the field of education. I believe the response is growing every year primarily because EdIT offers education combined with real-life practice that enables individuals to develop numerous skills. At university level the practical aspect of work is often not sufficiently emphasized. HERMES SoftLab has the resources to share its knowledge with prospective future employees, which is the key to a successful future of every company,« said Gregor Smrekar, CEO of HERMES SoftLab.

Živa Gorup Reichmann, Competence Center Manager in charge of EdIT, on future goals of the EdIT project: »In time we would like to formalize this form of education so that the participants of the summer school would acquire credit points in the course of their studies. One of the main goals of the EdIT summer school is the acquisition of new dimensions and ongoing development. This is why one of the important goals is greater internationalization – the possibility for participation of students from different countries in one location.«

The EdIT summer school in Slovenia
In Slovenia the summer school took place in Ljubljana and Maribor, with two programs held in the former and one in the latter city. In Maribor the students developed an electronic quiz, and in Ljubljana the assignments were to develop an interface to support the purchasing process and to perform business analysis in search of an IT solution for business process support:

IT solution for business process support – business analysis (business analyst module)
Participants acquainted themselves with a tool used in HERMES SoftLab for business process support, based on which they then designed a solution for a concrete customer. They prepared a solution for business process support and suggested how to implement the solution in practice.

ePurchasing – support for the purchasing business process with latest trends of SOA and SharePoint
The goal of the assignment was to develop an ePurchasing solution that would support the customer’s purchasing process on SharePoint 2007. Based on the customer’s functionality requirements the participants came up with an implementation proposal and developed a solution for the customer’s purchasing business process. The participants implemented a web service using the WCF technology and Silverlight objects, which they built into the SharePoint environment, and developed an Infopath order confirmation form.

eQuiz – How to enliven a web knowledge contest
The goal of the assignment was to develop an application that would enable web users to take part in a knowledge contest with a live moderator. The solution was based on a platform developed by HERMES SoftLab. The students enhanced a dull classic web quiz with a live video transmission, which made the web version similar to a classic quiz.