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04 | 08 | 2011

EdIT 2011 has been successfully completed

A series of successful EdIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers) events is now behind us. On Friday, July 29th, the last EdIT for this year was completed on closing ceremony in ComTrade Technology Center in Belgrade. EdIT in Belgrade is the last event organized by ComTrade this summer, after events in Ljubljana, Maribor, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Kragujevac. Participation in EdIT11 gives the opportunity for all ambitious students interested in teamwork in a simulated work environment and work on interesting projects to improve their extensive knowledge in the field of IT and to convert it into real projects.

We want to help young people in their careers, further professional training and development. Therefore, our summer school gives talented and innovative students opportunity to meet the latest technologies used in software solutions development.

We can certainly say this was the most successful EdIT, and once again, thanks to all of our engineers, team leaders, developers, educators … Without them this event would not be possible. They have made an excellent choice of technical issues, resulting the best selection of topics and participants in EdIT11.

Specifically, we would like to thank our PGM managers for motivating other employees for active involvement in the organization of summer school programming that has become a well known brand of our company and a good tradition.