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13 | 07 | 2013

EdIT summer school in full swing

Continuing its long-standing tradition, ComTrade once again educates young talents

After meticulous preparations and strict selection process, ComTrade’s summer school EdIT has finally started in 5 different locations, bringing togeter around 80 future software engineers. Over the course of two weeks, the participants will learn from experienced IT professionals and hone their skills on realistic projects. Participation is 100% covered by the company, which allows ComTrade to attract a wide assortment of talented and highly motivated young people, some of whom could one day become employees.
In order to emphesize various technology fields relevant for ComTrade’s business, EdiT is organized with a specific theme in mind at each location. The participants are working on:

  • „Gamification of mobile portal“ (Maribor);
  • „Be smart, be eco“ (Ljubljana);
  • „Gamification in finance and banking“ („Sarajevo“);
  • „Campaign management System“ (Banja Luka);
  • „Flying drones over the Android app“ (Kragujevac).

Schools in all five locations started on July 8th and last through July 22nd, followed immediatelly by Belgrade edition of Edit, which will take place from July 22nd and August 2nd.