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20 | 03 | 2009

From Simple Data Managing to Effective Decision Making with Microsoft BI Solutions

Our company Comtrade System Integration took part in Business Intelligence Conference- a seminar dedicated to business reporting and performances managing, which was held on March 20th 2009 in Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

During this one day seminar, Rafal Lukaviecki, strategic consultant for Project Botticelli Ltd., has presented strategies based on Microsoft’s solutions which can effectively improve decision making process as well as help IT managers and business research experts in providing better insights in business processes.

The first part of this seminar emphasized topics such as business reporting purposes, managing and performances controling while primarily targeting informational experts. However, the second half was dedicated to both, applied techologies and process develpment & application.

Furthermore, Srdjan Atanasijevic, R&D HERMES SoftLab Serbia Director, has presented Comtrade System Integration in this conference. He gave a presentation on Application of Microsoft BI Solutions in corporate financial reports consolidation process.