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14 | 10 | 2009

HERMES SoftLab announces new data management technology for MS SharePoint

The HERMES SoftLab SharePoint Filter will help ISVs to simplify the process of data migration from MS SharePoint internal storage

October 14th, 2009, SNW USA, Ljubljana – HERMES SoftLab, a leader in specialized storage and data management software engineering services, today announced the availability of its MS SharePoint data management technology. The software building block, called the HERMES SoftLab SharePoint Filter, will help storage vendors provide advanced SharePoint data migration for storage applications, such as data protection and active archiving.

MS SharePoint is one of the decade’s hottest business applications. It is hailed by many as the most valuable tool on the market for tackling the challenges posed by the explosive growth of digital information. In 2008, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 had sold over 100 million licenses and it has undoubted grown considerably in the intervening time.

The Filter Module intercepts the internal SharePoint calls and provides a clean, integrated application programming interface (API) for independent software vendors (ISVs) and in-house developers to significantly boost the value of their SharePoint data management solutions. The Filter Module is an excellent tool to deliver information lifecycle management solutions that leverage the stubbing/recall functionality for the purpose of offloading data to a secondary storage tier. This does not just improve the manageability and TCO of the SharePoint infrastructure, but significantly impacts its backup window – as majority of the data will be outside the SharePoint’s internal DB (MS SQL).

“The SharePoint Filter technology is completely in-line with our strategy to provide ISVs with the necessary building blocks to jump-start a complete family of technology solutions for transparent data access regardless of the storage tier on which it is located,” said Goran Garevski, HERMES SoftLab’s Business Development Manager. “Combined with our storage and data management expertise, the HERMES SoftLab SharePoint Filter will help us solidify our position as a R&D services market leader for delivering critical time-to-market driven solutions.”

The SharePoint Filter technology can be applied not just for the classical ILM-based solutions, but also for implementing intelligent cloud storage clients, where data can be offloaded to public/private cloud storage. Other solutions include data protection and real-time usage pattern analysis and resource management.

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