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12 | 10 | 2009

Janko Cajhen New CEO of HERMES SoftLab

Ljubljana, October 12th, 2009 – The Management Board of ComTrade Group appointed Mr. Janko Cajhen the CEO of HERMES SoftLab as of October 12th, 2009. Janko Cajhen is coming to HERMES SoftLab from Microsoft, where he was responsible for business development of Microsoft’s new marketing approaches and solutions for Central and Eastern Europe in the last two years. Before that, he was in charge of a number of international projects, which included leading the development of business models for partners on Central and Eastern European markets and regional marketing of Microsoft’s products and services.

The appointment of a new CEO is part of the strategy to integrate HERMES SoftLab with ComTrade Group and a step in the direction of building a service and product-oriented organization, with the aim to provide local and foreign customers with high-quality and cost-efficient IT solutions and the company’s own products. Janko Cajhen brings experience from a global IT corporation in the field of business development and understanding of the customer’s business processes and ways of adding value for the customers.

Janko Cajhen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab: »Leading one of the largest IT development companies in Slovenia and the Adriatic region brings great responsibility towards our customers, employees, and shareholders. Increasing their satisfaction will be the essence of my first endeavors aimed at developing the organization and leading the employees. My focus will be to gain a greater market share in Slovenia, to find synergies with our partners, and to pursue a strategy of developing our own e-solutions and products. We will help existing customers to achieve greater efficiency of operation and shorten their time to market as well as shorten required time for them to switch to e-business model of operations.«

Gregor Smrekar, previous CEO of HERMES SoftLab, has meanwhile completely taken over assignments on the corporate level of ComTrade Group, where he will act as a member of the Management Board of Comtrade System Integration, in charge of operations and development. His responsibilities and leadership will be associated with the development of the company’s own products, applications and building blocks, development resource organization and optimization, and continuous improvements of processes and the quality of services. HERMES SoftLab has development centers in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

The ComTrade and HERMES SoftLab merger in 2008 created a market leader in the Adriatic region and Southeastern Europe regarding the competences, market presence, the number of employees, business indicators, and above all a universal offering of IT and communications technologies. A joint market appearance has already proved in the last year that the connection is an effective platform for further development and expansion of business to markets of the Adriatic region, Western Europe, and the Middle East.