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14 | 05 | 2007

HERMES SoftLab opens new company in Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro, 14 May 2007 – HERMES SoftLab has opened a new subsidiary in Montenegro based in Podgorica, and simultaneously assumed a share of the accounts, including 24 employees from Montenegrin partner IT company Coding.

The decision to set up a company in Montenegro ties in with the business strategy adopted by HERMES SoftLab, which anticipates accelerated expansion of operations in the Adriatic region. Opening a company is the logical sequence of events in the context of the HSL Group’s operations on the respective market, where the company has been present in tandem with partner company Coding for over two years.

HERMES SoftLab is currently working on two major projects for the Montenegrin government. These are development of a solution for uniform electronic reporting on due and settled contributions by employers to all public institutions, called Unified Collection Gateway and establishment of a central population registry of Montenegro.

Goals set forth by HERMES SoftLab in Montenegro are growth in the Montenegrin IT solutions and services market, together with the possibility of expanding operations on to neighbouring markets such as Macedonia. The new company will see the HSL Group gain new competence in the field of development on the Oracle platform.

Peter Testen, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, HERMES SoftLab: »Upon signing the agreement on the supply of a solution for the public administration with the finance minister of Montenegro, Mr. Igor Lukšić, back in December 2006, I promised that the signature will see us establish a presence on the Montenegrin market. This promise is being realized as of today. The new company and employees are an indication of our endeavours of offering the Montenegrin market IT services and solutions with high added value in the field of public administration, financial institutions and telecommunication service providers. In implementing all these projects, we intend to capitalize on the knowledge and expertise gained during our 16 years of experience in software and solutions development for global clients, including experience gained in the last few years working on projects for the tax administration of the Republic of Slovenia.«

The new company in the group will be managed by Predrag Leković, who brings a wealth of experience from the field of technological companies and IT project management.

Predrag Leković, new Managing Director of HERMES SoftLab Montenegro: »We are planning for corporate growth, both in terms of revenue as well as the number of employees. We would like the Montenegrin IT skills, which we have accumulated in the company, to successfully contribute to accelerated economic growth in Montenegro and the region in the long-term. HERMES SoftLab Montenegro aims to employ young IT experts and also work with the University of Podgorica by providing professional experience and other forms of student training. It will provide its employees various opportunities in building an international career and participation in HERMES SoftLab Group internal training programmes. We plan have 30 people by the end of 2007. «

In developing accounts on the local market, the HERMES SoftLab Montenegro will be supported by HERMES SoftLab, one of the biggest regional IT solutions and software engineering providers in the region, which gives the Montenegrin company additional credibility, and is a guarantee for the local customers to receive high quality IT solutions and services.