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09 | 05 | 2007

Sponsorship of BH Information Science Olympics 2007

Banja Luka, 9 May 2007 – HERMES SoftLab is participating at this year’s BH Information Science Olympics, which is being organized by the Bosnian IT Society as the sponsor. Secondary school students from the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina will test their wits in software application based on the rules of the world IT Olympics. The winners of the national championships will take part in the Balkans’ and Central European competition, thereby which will include traveling to a camp in Slovenia, where they will join their Slovenian counterparts in perfecting their programming expertise and acquaint themselves with practical case-studies of successful IT companies.

Dragan Ostojič, Director of HERMES SoftLab Banja Luka: ”HERMES SoftLab already has a long and rich tradition of stimulating and promoting information technologies amongst the young, while participation at the BH Olympics represents an additional step forward in the process of linking the local communities and educational institutions. We believe that the field of IT is one of the key factors of development in the national economy, while its main proponents are in fact young talented students.”