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12 | 09 | 2006

HERMES SoftLab opens new Storage Competence Center

Competence Center will provide vendors with early access to the latest storage technologies

Ljubljana, Slovenia – September 12, 2006: HERMES SoftLab, a leader in specialized storage and data management software engineering services, officially opens the doors of its brand new Storage Competence Center in Slovenia, in the heart of continental Europe. The center aims to showcase HERMES SoftLab’s skills and capabilities in the software arena, and provide storage vendors with proven research and development knowledge and experience.

To enable vendors to optimize and tailor their technologies to the demands of their customers, the HERMES SoftLab Center will offer the extensive consulting, design, development and maintenance skills that they have acquired in their fifteen year heritage. HERMES SoftLab staff are experienced professionals with a wide depth and breadth of experience in the areas of advanced ILM, data protection, archiving and HSM concepts. In addition to core storage competencies, the center also focuses on embedded technologies, application, network and systems management, for a comprehensive solution; from storage device to business application.

Jon Toigo, CEO and founder of Toigo Partners International said: “For finalizing initial concepts and delivering them on time, without the need for micro-management, the HERMES experience is first-rate. The amount of knowledge accumulated here is phenomenal. I am delighted that they have opened the center, as it delivers numerous benefits, not just to vendors, but to the industry as a whole.”
As a result of up-to-date technology investments, HERMES SoftLab has already assisted a number of storage vendors in delivering reliable solutions, using its pre-developed software modules: Filter driver building block, NDMP Data and Tape Server, Email Archiving Agent and Filesystem I/O Traffic Analysis.

The Center will also enable HERMES SoftLab itself to invest more resources into ongoing research and development in order to continue to deliver the best possible service to customers. Future research will be focused toward the areas of transparent data access, data movement and meta-data handling, advanced data protection techniques and purpose built data catalogs.

“Ongoing feedback from our customers has always indicated that HERMES SoftLab knowledge and expertise adds real value to storage vendors,” said Peter Testen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab. “That knowledge gives our customers significant advantage in achieving demanding time-to-market objectives. The new Competence Center will act as a platform for HERMES SoftLab to give our customers an insider view of the latest technologies. Increasing investment in our research and development activities enables us to be increasingly proactive on behalf of our customers, by addressing future storage and data management concepts and technologies.”