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14 | 02 | 2007

HERMES SoftLab – Platform Migration Specialist

Nürnberg, Germany February 14th, 2007- HERMES SoftLab, one of the leading independent IT Solutions and Software Engineering companies in the CEE region is participating at the Embedded 2007 as exhibitor and presenter. The company is showcasing its services offering for Platform Migration and announcing that KeyMile has decided to involve HERMES SoftLab in extending its “MileGate“ multi-service IP-DSLAM platform. HERMES SoftLab, with headquarters in Ljubljana Slovenia and presence across Europe and US, also provides IT Solutions and Software Engineering services to high-tech vendors, telecoms, banks, public sector and large enterprises.

With 17 years of experience in project management, system design and software development HERMES SoftLab has gathered valuable best practices that ensure the success of migration projects. HERMES SoftLab advises and guides leading companies through the software migration process, helping them reduce the time-to-market for reliable systems based on the latest standards. The company has invested over 100 engineering years in the research of embedded systems and the development of embedded Linux-based solutions for internet-enabled end devices, embedded software for telephony systems and software platforms for gaming machines.

“Four out of five migration projects fail, the main problems lying in the execution of technical requirements, tight time schedules and overwhelming costs“, says Peter Testen, HERMES SoftLab’s CEO and Chairman of the Management Board. “Only with the help of a competent advisor and service provider such as HERMES SoftLab, which offers not only its experience in project and risk management but also its in-depth expertise, can systems be migrated to a new environment and enriched with new features within the desired budget and time constraints.“

KEYMILE opts for HERMES SoftLab

KEYMILE is the latest company to show its trust in the excellence of HERMES SoftLab’s developers of embedded systems. As one of the leading suppliers of next generation access systems, the company has decided to involve HERMES SoftLab in extending its “MileGate“ multi-service IP-DSLAM platform.

KEYMILE’s MileGate platform offers a migration path from traditional telephone services to VoIP and includes Triple Play services, i.e. data, voice and IPTV services in access networks. These new features of the MileGate platform will enable KEYMILE’s customers to offer new services, including VoIP telephone services, broadband internet access, reception of TV signals, Video on demand as well as broadband VPN and LAN connections. It will also enable operators to smoothly migrate their legacy services to IP/Ethernet networks.

HERMES SoftLab’s experts for embedded systems will partner with KEYMILE to extend the platform’s features and accelerate its development. This project is the basis for a long-term partnership, providing KEYMILE with a reliable and highly qualified partner that delivers instantly applicable and quickly deliverable migrations within predictable time limits and costs.

HERMES SoftLab has presence across Europe and it’s the proven model relies on having front-end operations (project management, analysis, integration) at the customer site and relying on near-shore development centers to optimize the price per value that is delivered to customers and guarantee the success of project delivery.