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12 | 02 | 2008

HERMES SoftLab reaches a top 10 rating

Ljubljana, February 12th 2008 – In cooperation with the international credit rating agency Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), the company I d.o.o. published a list of 10 Slovene companies with the highest credit ratings in 2007. This list includes HERMES SoftLab.

HERMES SoftLab is one of the top ten companies to achieve the highest credit rating, placing it among the 9% of the highest rated Slovene companies. The rating evaluation method used was developed by the D&B company and it includes factors of both quality and quantity. The basic criteria are a flawless record of payment, healthy finances and a wise growth plan. Good credit ratings portray the company as an excellent business partner with very little likelihood of belated payments.