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16 | 03 | 2006

»HERMES SoftLab USA 2006« students’ tour

Ljubljana, 16th March 2006 – HERMES SoftLab was a major sponsor of the traditional excursion of the IT students’ society of the Faculty for Computer and Information Science to the USA

With the help of HERMES SoftLab, the group of students in the Društvo študentov informatike society from the University of Ljubljana set out for the west coast of the USA on the 15 March. They will visit the largest campuses as are the UCLA and the Stanford University and some of the world’s largest IT corporations. They will be guests at Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, among others.

Peter Testen, President of the Managing Board and CEO of HERMES SoftLab said: »Learning the newest technologies and networking with the biggest IT companies is an excellent opportunity for students to start their professional careers – from the motivational and educational perspective. HERMES SoftLab has for many years supported the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences and other educational institutions in similar projects. We ourselves are also actively involved in visits and lectures for pupils and students at our company. Every summer we organise a summer computer school with a simulation of real project work.«