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21 | 01 | 2015



The trend towards digitization is omnipresent and the number of devices with direct Internet connectivity is growing exponentially. For this reason, this year’s OOP Conference created a special session – The Internet of Things Forum – to present the current state of development of the Internet of Everything, as well as insights into concrete examples.

At the IOT Forum, Comtrade will showcase the following:


The Business Valuables of Internet of Everything

Take advantage of the opportunities of Internet of Things
as an innovation accelerator for your value chain

Presented by:

Martin Amann, COMTRADE
27 January 2015, 14: 00-14:30
Sneak peak:
The Internet of Everything and Open Innovation – Ideas and Use Cases for measurable and profitable results with real and hypothetical success scenarios for almost all sectors and industries. Explore use cases and possible solutions for connected objects and data for innovation-driven industrial companies.

This lecture, accompanied by a discussion, will provide you with a bigger picture of the Internet of Everything, and present ideas and opportunities for taking advantage of this latest business hype.

It will help your company expand its core competences and uncover holistic benefits. Find your own way in your value chain and weigh the decisions for your business. Accelerate the speed of your innovation potential. Be one step ahead of your competition. “Time to Market” is global and has become a critical success factor. Discuss the opportunities and scenarios with other forum participants. We may take you to where your competition does not expect you to go. And in the end, Googles’ NEST acquisition was not an accident, but a planned strategic move.
About the speaker:

Over the past two decades, Martin Amann has worked for well-known IT companies in the role of a Consultant and Business Development Manager. From 2009 to 2013, Martin was a Founding Member and Chairman of the German Operation of NOSER Engineering AG in Munich and Heppenheim. Currently, Martin is a full-time Business Manager and Consultant for Comtrade Software Solutions in Munich and Ljubljana. He is also an active member of Comtrade’s Business Circle of Innovation, Lean Management, EFQM and the Implementation of Change Processes.

Today, Martin is working on modern Sales Methodologies such as Social Selling, Marketing Automation, Lean Start-up Methods, Change Management and Process Improvements in Collaborative and Agile Software Development, particularly in the field of Automotive and Mobility, Smart Cities and Energy, E–Commerce, Transportation and Logistics. He recently became involved with the connectivity of things in complex ecosystems, for example in vehicles with regards to the challenges of Industry 4.0.
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