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11 | 05 | 2005

HP, Iskraemeco and HERMES SoftLab have joined their forces to deliver standards-based AMR Management Solution for Utility Operators

Ljubljana Slovenia and Vienna Austria, 11th of May 2005 – Shift from the stand-alone metering devices and manual meter reading to Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems is a major undertaking for Utility Operators. HP, Iskraemeco and HERMES SoftLab have combined their expertise in the metering, network & systems management and software development domains to help Utility Operators to successfully deploy and operate large-scale networks of e-metering devices and ensure smooth Automated Meter Reading process.

In the newly developed AMR Management Solution next generation of Iskraemeco e-metering devices are integrated with the leading network & systems management platform HP Openview through the OV/AMR Manager from HERMES SoftLab. Iskraemeco has equipped the entire line of e-metering devices with manageability component which allows remote monitoring from a control center over a wired or wireless network by using OV/AMR Manager from HERMES SoftLab.

OV/AMR Manager is designed to smoothen the deployment and daily operation of AMR system and its large-scale network of concentrators and meters. OV/AMR Manager maintains inventory of metering devices, collects their operational status, reports about meters and concentrator intervention requests and fraud attempts, monitors the quality of the meter reading process and enables remote device diagnostics.

OV/AMR Manager is built on the leading network & systems management platform HP OpenView Network Node Manager from Hewlett Packard and utilizes industry standard management protocol SNMP.

“With recent expansion of AMR from industrial to residential environments Utility Operators are facing new challenges in managing large-scale networks of metering devices. Next generation of Iskraemeco metering devices provides full support for standards-based network manageability and works out-of-the-box with HERMES SoftLab’s OV/AMR Manager. AMR Manager Solution helps utility operators to achieve smooth operation of their AMR systems.” stated Iskraemeco’s Deputy President of the Managing Board, Miro Rozman, Ph.D.

“Improving the meter-to-cash cycle through AMR is one of the hottest topics for Utility companies in deregulated energy markets” said Martin Kubala sales director Extended Manufacturing, HP International Sales Europe.

“HERMES SoftLab is pleased to combine a decade of its experience with HP OpenView management platform with Iskraemeco AMR expertise and jointly deliver a leading edge AMR management solution. With OV/AMR Manager HERMES SoftLab has broadened its portfolio of enterprise-class management solutions and is now capable to expand into the fast-growing AMR market.”: stated Peter Testen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab.

AMR Manager for HP OpenView (OV/AMR Manager) runs with HP Network Node Manager 7.0 on Windows and HP-UX platforms and can be used for managing Iskraemeco AMR-capable metering devices over wired and wireless netorks.

HP, Iskraemeco and Hermes SoftLab have established demo centers in Kranj and Ljubljana (Slovenia) to showcase the new AMR Managemet Solution.