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21 | 12 | 2012

Involve Yourself in Comtrade’s Formula for Success at OOP 2013

ComTrade will present itself as an exhibitor and have two speaker slots at the big forum at the OOP 2013 conference, which will be held in Munich from 21st to 25th January 2013. The OOP has been the leading software engineering and software architecture event in Europe for more than 20 years. More than 2.000 visitors with a professional IT background from different countries and industry sectors will attend the conference.

This year the main topic of OOP is “Continuous Innovation: The Foundation for Success” and the following questions will be answered: what kinds of innovative tools, architectures, and techniques allow innovation to happen or are innovative inherently; which languages and designs support innovation without undermining quality; and what kind of leadership and corporate culture enables innovation?

We invite you to visit our team and the will reveal “A Simple Formula for Success” to you.