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20 | 06 | 2006

MATERNA and HERMES SoftLab deliver the leading WAP Gateway to Mobitel – Slovenian biggest mobile operator

Europe’s most frequently used WAP Gateway

MATERNA and HERMES SoftLab deliver the leading WAP Gateway to Mobitel – Slovenian biggest mobile operator

Ljubljana, Slovenia and Dortmund, Germany, June 20, 2006 – The leading Slovenian mobile network operator Mobitel decided in favour of the Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway as their choice for a new WAP Gateway. MATERNA’s local partner HERMES SoftLab, a leading Slovenian IT services provider will take care of support for the WAP Gateway. The WAP Gateway solution was successfully delivered and integrated together with the experts from Mobitel and information and telecommunications specialist of MATERNA Information & Communications.

Mobitel has become one of the leading operators in Europe in the area of Value Added Services, demonstrating innovation in new services and as an early adopter of new technologies. As one of the first operators to launch mobile data services, Mobitel has created a strong portfolio of mobile services including the flagship product Planet, a mobile multimedia portal visited by 65 % of Mobitel’s users, which is one of the highest subscriber penetrations in Europe. As WAP has become one of their critical infrastructures, Mobitel decided to acquire a new WAP Gateway that would provide the optimal performance and functioning for their existing and new services and applications.

After an initial RFP (Request for Proposal) Mobitel selected MATERNA’s Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway and HERMES SoftLab as the local integration partner. The project has been successfully delivered in a very short time. For the implementation of the gateway and the training of the Mobitel staff, MATERNA only had a narrow time frame at its disposal and the realization on-site was carried out together with HERMES SoftLab. By using the new gateway, 1.3 million Mobitel customers can easily and quickly download large files like games, music tracks or videos via 3G networks and access rich multimedia services. The Mobitel Mobile Data Gateway will go live in June.

“We have selected MATERNA due to their technology leadership and great flexibility to comply with our requirements. MATERNA’s local partner is HERMES SoftLab which brings the proven delivery track record in VAS as a result of many years of relationship with Mobitel. HERMES SoftLab will take care of support for the WAP Gateway,” said Darinka Pavlic Kamien, Head of Public Relations at Mobitel.

Wolfgang Hoffmann, Product Manager at MATERNA Information & Communications stated: “We are very happy to announce that we can continue the success story of our Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway. With Mobitel, we were able to convince one more big network operator of our established product. Furthermore, we could win HERMES SoftLab, a leading IT consultant, as our local partner in Slovenia.”

“We are very pleased that Mobitel has selected and trusted us for this project, especially because this is a key element of their value added services infrastructure. This is a great reflection of the HERMES SoftLab transformation into a high-tech solution provider relying on partners with market leading products.” said Sebastjan Plavec, Marketing director of HERMES SoftLab.

Central component for mobile data services

The Mobile Data Gateway acts as a link between end devices and data services. The Anny Way solution makes it possible to reduce the number of required servers by up to 75 %, compared to many other competitors. The Mobile Data Gateway does not necessarily require an additional data base and no further investments in hardware. It enables the use of servers in a dispersed architecture, allowing single servers to be switched off, e.g. for maintenance, without process interruption.

Network operators and service providers can use the Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway, which is suitable for any Internet based service, as the only central component for all mobile data services. Of course, all WARP-enabled end devices, older handset models, WARP 2.0 handsets, Pads, laptops, etc. are supported.

Successful in international use

A lot of international network operators have already put the Anny Way Mobile Data Gateway into operation. The British mm O2 group, for example, has been operating by using this solution since January 2004. The flexibility and scalability provided by this network element from MATERNA, gives O2 the possibility to extend its services quickly and with minimal cost and to react to the dynamic growth of WARP, MMS and Java Games without any delay or problems. Integrated into the O2 network, one of the largest active nets in the UK, the Mobile Data Gateway is currently the most frequently used WARP gateway in Europe.