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25 | 12 | 2008

Our company committed to the “Serbian Government Information System” Project

Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society, Jasna Matic and president of ComTrade Group Veselin Jevrosimović, signed the agreement regarding the project „Serbian Government Information System“, signifying one of the first steps in introduction of eGovernment Solutions in the Goverment of Serbia.

The project involves implementation of Goverment e-Sessions, also known as Paperless Sessions, enabling introduction of electronic procedures in the General Secretary of the Serbian Government“, minister Jasna Matić stated. According to her, by supporting this project, the Government shows its commitment for further development of eGovernment, as well as profound understanding of significance of the role of information technologies in everyday operations of the authorities. „IT services will lower current expenses and improve efficiency of the entire system, while diminishing corruption opportunities“, pointed out Jasna Matić.

President of ComTrade Group, Veselin Jevrosimović stated that introduction of eServices provides for a better and more efficient administration. „ Evidently, citizens are beneficiaries of these services, services they pay through taxes. Through introduction of eServices, the IT industry of Serbia profits, as well, which is of great importance. The project to be realized by the consortium – ComTrade Group and Telekom Serbia, is a significant step for both companies. The potential of this partnership will be further realized through future implementation of electronic services in healthcare, education system, jurisdiction system, local self-government and other sectors. Our Telco partner will improve the telecommunication infrastructure and contribute to a greater number of internet users in Serbia. ComTrade software engineers will develop a number of applications useful to our citizens and companies doing business in Serbia“, pointed out President of ComTrade Group, Veselin Jevrosimović. Finally, he emphasized the importance of collaboration with local authorities, as well as governments of countries in the region for growth and development of the company.

The deadline for implementation of the project “Serbian Government Information System” is June the 12th 2009 and first “eSession” can be expected in the second half of 2009.