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28 | 09 | 2009

Project “CENTRAL POPULATION REGISTRY” presented in Montenegro

On Monday, September 28th 2009 in Budva, representatives of ComTrade and Government of the Republic of Montenegro took advantage of the InfoFest event to demonstrate the project Central Population Registry to the public, which ComTrade develops for the Montenegrin government.This project provides access to accurate information about each citizen of Montenegro at all times.

The presentation included speech from Vujica Lazović, vice president and Minister of Information Technologies in the Government of Republic of Montenegro, followed by Nataša Starovlah from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Branko Biberdžić, member of the project team, who explained the details of the project together with local ComTrade representatives from Montenegro.

Central Population Registry, which is in the final phase of development, is the first such register being implemented in Montenegro, with Registry of Business Entities coming up next. This way the efficiency of public administration and quality of public services that Montenegro provides for its citizens will be improved.