Posted on
28 | 03 | 2024


It is exactly one month until the 37th Comtrade Belgrade Marathon, the largest international sports event in Serbia. We are proud to announce a five-year strategic partnership with this event: as a leader in technology innovation in Europe, Comtrade is devoted to enhancing the marathon experience for all participants, promoting athleticism, health, and technological advancement.

The Comtrade Belgrade Marathon is set to break many records this year, with more than 11,500 already registered runners. For the first time, the quota of participants will be filled in advance, reflecting a 20% increase in the number of runners. As an important event in global athletics, the marathon attracts participants from around the world. This year, we anticipate a great competition between the race favorites from Kenya and Ethiopia, alongside the best athletes from Serbia and the region.

Through the streets of Belgrade, runners will experience the city’s rich cultural heritage along with modern improvements, thanks to Comtrade’s commitment to applying its vast technological expertise. The start of the marathon race is scheduled for 8:00 in the morning, half marathon at 9:30, 10K run at 11:00, ending with the Fun Run at 13:00. Additionally, this year the entire music and entertainment program will be held at The Republic Square.

With exactly one month left until the marathon day, we want to invite athletes, supporters, and all running enthusiasts to be part of the celebration of health, technology, and the enduring human spirit at the Comtrade Belgrade Marathon. Together, we aim to make this event a standout moment in athletic history.