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22 | 03 | 2024

Comtrade Supports the “Woman Engineer of the Year” Initiative

Comtrade is proud to continue supporting the “Woman Engineer of the Year” initiative, together with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Siemens Serbia. This annual award recognizes the best female engineer in Serbia and serves as a call to action for young women and students in the country, urging them to pursue and excel in engineering – a field that has historically experienced gender disparity. Our commitment to innovation, equality, and sustainability strongly aligns with the goal of bridging the gap in STEM fields.

By sustaining our support for the “Woman Engineer of the Year”, we highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation and sustainable growth. Comtrade views this initiative as a step toward elevating women in engineering, inspiring future generations to make a significant impact through technology.

As a leading IT company, we deeply believe in the transformative power of STEM education in addressing global challenges, such as climate change and renewable energy. We are proud to contribute to a future where technological and innovative advancements are driven by diverse perspectives.

We invite everyone to learn more about the initiative and how to apply or nominate a candidate at Join us in inspiring a new generation of engineers and creating a future where diversity, innovation, and sustainability are at the forefront of technological development.