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15 | 11 | 2012

Serbian Prime Minister arrives at ComTrade’s technology center in Ljubljana

During the official visit to Slovenia, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić took the time to visit new software development center in Ljubljana which is home to some of ComTrade’s best engineers. Mr. Dačić was accompanied by Serbian Ambassador to Slovenia Aleksandar Radovanović, Slovenian Ambassador to Serbia Franc But and a number of Serbian dignitaries, while the entire party was welcomed by ComTrade’s founder and President Mr. Veselin Jevrosimović. Esteemed guests were taken on a tour around the premises, which were just recently furbished and turned into ComTrade’s new development campus for Slovenia, and had a chance to see demonstrations of the most successful IT solutions created by local engineers.

ComTrade was the first company from Serbia to make a serious investment in Slovenia in 2008, and early returns are more than satisfactory. The company designs and implements advanced software solutions for the US and EU markets, covering various industries such as online gaming, telecommunications, e-health and many others. New Ljubljana premises also feature the largest Cloud computing center in this region, providing the company with enough capacities to remotely deliver innovative software services to clients on all continents. Overall, ComTrade is the largest exporter of software in Slovenia, having delivered projects worth more than half billion US dollars over the course of its operations. In addition to newly inaugurated Ljubljana campus, ComTrade also operates development centers in Maribor and Nova Gorica.

Prime Minister Dačić had only words of praise for ComTrade’s business endeavors: „I am really happy to see that economic cooperation is advancing from year to year, and I am especially happy to see a Serb having purchased a high-technology company here in Slovenia. That goes to prove that we in the Balkans have some unique values and advantages over others. After witnessing what this company does, which clients it works for and what kinds of software it delivers, I have no doubts that we are talking about technologies that will find their way into the hands of the end customers despite intense competition from some of the largest and strongest ICT companies in the world. “

Veselin Jevrosimović, ComTrade President, commented on the visit by the official governmental delegation from Serbia: „It is becoming increasingly clear that regional cooperation is the only way to achieve sustained growth of economic parameters in South Eastern and Central Europe. I am happy to witness that political leaders in the region are coming to this same conclusion and extending support for cross-border business enterprises like the one we are running here at ComTrade.“