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09 | 05 | 2006

Successful 10 years of HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo

Sarajevo, 9th May 2006 – HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo has marked the 10th Anniversary of its operating in BiH at the central reception held at the restaurant Via del Corso in Sarajevo on Monday evening. President of the Managing Board and Chief Executive Officer of HERMES SoftLab, Peter Testen and Federation BiH and State Minister of Traffic and Communications addressed the present guests, partners and clients.

HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo was established as one of the first foreign investments in BiH after the Dayton Peace Agreement and nowadays employs 68 experts. During 2005, the company’s revenue amounted up to 1.37 million euros, which is 45 percent increase compared to 2004. As one of the largest companies for IT solutions and software development in BiH, Hermes SoftLab Sarajevo is an important supplier of network service providers, financial institutions and public sector in the entire Adriatic region.

Peter Testen, Managing Board and Chief Executive Officer of HERMES SoftLab said: “The 10th Anniversary of HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo represents a recognition and eloquent proof of domestic IT knowledge importance as one of the key factors in development of BiH economy. During the ten years of its existence, HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo became a significant partner to local companies, as well as to high tech world companies. The last year was excellent for HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo, since 28 new professionals were hired in this period. During the past ten years, HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo exported its services in total of over 7 million euros and managed to place itself among the most significant BiH exporters. HERMES SoftLab Sarajevo became an important strategic part of the HERMES SoftLab Group and as such represents the company’s biggest development centres outside its parent country. It operates successfully on local projects, as well as on projects outside of BiH that represent the majority of the business. In the future, we want to increase our presence on the local market and accordingly expand to other parts of BiH”.

Federation BiH and BiH State Ministers of Traffic and Communications have also addressed the guests at the reception.

Federal Minister of Trade and Communications, Nedzad Brankovic said that the investment according to which HERMES SoftLab was established, and those which have followed and have contributed to Hermes SoftLab’s development in Bosnia and Herzegovina – are fair investments – implying that this company does not consider BiH as a target end market for its products and services, but primarily employs a significant number of BiH professionals in the field of information technologies and exports high value services and products.

Minister of Trade and Communications at BiH CoM, Branko Dokic stressed the importance of the support, which is provided by HERMES SoftLab in the field of modern education of students at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science, especially stressing Hermes SoftLab’s role as a significant employer of IT experts. Minister Dokic used this opportunity to announce the meeting of Ministry’s representatives with domestic IT companies.

Among the numerous invitees there were representatives of the Office of the High Representatives, Mr. Lawrence Butler and Dr. Christian Schwarz-Schilling.