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09 | 09 | 2011

Unveiling a Prototype of a digitalSTROM Compliant Appliance

digitalSTROM alliance General Assembly
Zurich, Switzerland
October 8th, 2009

HERMES SoftLab has been invited to participate at the general assembly of digitalSTROM alliance as a technology partner and solution provider. HERMES SoftLab will help digitalSTROM broaden its portfolio of core products and develop various custom – digitalSTROM compliant – products. Together, we will bring digitalSTROM’s vision to everyday life.

digitalSTROM technology revolutionized the way we use energy

Devices communicate in concert with one another over existing electricity mains – and so no longer act as stand-alone instruments, but as an orchestra. digitalSTROM in the house stands for: simplicity and comfort everyone can afford, with safety and energy transparency. digitalSTROM also means: effective load management, new products and services, and full data protection for the customer.

HERMES SoftLab is presenting their knowledge about the integration of digitalSTROM technologies into random consumer appliances. Furthermore, we are presenting a working prototype of a digitalSTROM-compliant proximity sensor. The prototype is a practical example of HERMES SoftLab’s ability to adopt new technology in the shortest time possible, and to provide quality products in time critical markets. We designed a simple electronic circuit for the proximity sensor Steinel IS130-2 that acts as a replacement for Hysteresis/Light level potentiometers, as well as for tracking motion detection and providing connectivity to the digitalSTROM development platform. We also designed all necessary software components running on digitalSTROM hardware for introduction (virtualization) of the proximity sensor’s variables as properties and events to the digitalSTROM system.

About HERMES SoftLab Embedded System Group

HERMES SoftLab Embedded Systems Group is a specialist software development partner in embedded and larger scale semi-embedded software development. Our services include on and off-site development, specialty technology support, and process support. We employ more than 850 software engineers – more than 100 of them have specialty skills in embedded work. We can even support board level troubleshooting. The combination of Embedded experts with IT experts give us a strong background for semi-embedded projects or technologies at the peripherals of the core embedded development. This includes things like Human Machine Interface (HMI) design, diagnostics, management infrastructure, reporting, pre-developed integrations.

About is a non-profit organization created in 2007 at the ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). It has the goal to develop the technology invented by the chip designer Wilfried Beck and architect Ludger Hovestadt (both from aizo AG) into a world-wide standard. management has the responsibility for technological development, certification of products, definition of hardware and software standards as well as user interaction. In addition, the organization supports the networking of its members on a virtual and real basis. The membership is open to all interested companies, associations, research facilities as well as the general public. Become a member and shape the future of digitalSTROM.