Our Impact

Open Innovation at work

Our ongoing development partnership with HP started 25 years ago

Starting the partnership with HP Software Research & Development in 1991, Comtrade has won the status of an HP Platinum Partner five years later. Our team of HP Software and ITIL-certified consultants has delivered projects to more than 40 large enterprises and telecommunications service providers in the EMEA region, delivering management solutions that are the best in their class.

In time, HP has recognized that involving long-term partners during the early stages of product development process may help them design better solutions. Based on the concept of Open Innovation, HP Autonomy thus established a new form of strategic partnership, focused on uncovering new ideas, reducing risk, increasing speed and leveraging scarce resources. In combining their capabilities and innovation resources, both companies lower risk by better understanding “what is out there”.

In the summer of 2014, during a visit to Comtrade’s offices in Ljubljana, David Jones, SVP Enterprise Data Protection, HP Autonomy, stated:

“Comtrade is not just a supplier to HP, but rather a very trusted partner – we feel they are a part of the family. It is a company that shares the same values as HP, combined with the energy, expertise and creativity and we rely on them to deliver true innovation in the software technology. With such a model, we are improving our time-to-market and really get the maximum value out of the partnership.”