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09 | 06 | 2012

ComTrade Green team made our company proud

On Saturday, June 9th, activists from ComTrade Green team took part in the „Let’s clean Serbia“ drive and decontaminated two locations from human-created pollution. Our volunteers in Belgrade visited the bank of Danube near Ušće and helped to remove waste from this important urban area, while the team from Kragujevac contributed to cleaning of the Bubanj lake.

„Let’s clean Serbia“ innitiative was organized by Serbian ministry of environment, mining and spatial planning for the third consequtive year, with the goal to raise awareness about environmental issues and motivate private citizens and corporate entities  to take responsibility for keeping our communities clean and functional. ComTrade supported the innitiative from its launch, since it fits perfectly into the strategy for introduction of „green technology“ and protection of natural environment endorsed by the company.

We congratulate each volunteer who put on a ComTrade Green team T-shirt on Saturday – you made the entire company proud with your selfless display of civic sensitivity.

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Life is green!