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16 | 12 | 2009

HERMES SoftLab, a ComTrade company helps digitalSTROM® to revolutionize the use of electricity

December 16th 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia – HERMES SoftLab, a ComTrade company joined digitalSTROM as an Engineering Partner committed to developing products compliant with the new technology.

digitalSTROM has the ambition of revolutionizing the way energy is used. The idea of digitalSTROM technology is to revolutionize the way energy is used. Intelligent devices directly connect for great intelligence via existing electricity wiring. Networked intelligent electrical devices can provide reduced energy consumption while raising user comfort.

HERMES SoftLab, a ComTrade company has been strong expertise in bridging the gap between embedded technology and IT concepts and infrastructure. Their lower level component expertise is uniquely combined with leading edge IT architectures and large scale project management methodologies. This allows short time-to-market even for products which feature the most recent technologies. HERMES SoftLab employs more than 850 software and experts world-wide and is able to supply in-depth know-how and engineering capacity for demanding projects like the ones for digitalSTROM.

“digitalSTROM is an outstanding and forward-thinking technology which has potential to revolutionize the way we use energy. With this technology and solutions smart electricity can become a reality. We see it as huge potential in tomorrow’s future. The timing is perfect given the global need to improve efficiency of our existing electrical energy,” said Janko Cajhen, CEO of HERMES SoftLab. “The scale of anticipated networked digitalSTROM architectures will be well served by our expertise in embedded systems development, large scale IT, and network management engineering.”

“digitalSTROM will need a variety of partners with different skills and knowledge. We were excited to get HERMES SoftLab’s early interest in our initiative since they have the skills to make professional grade, supported software products and a special expertise in large scale, heterogeneous systems”, said Jan Zakrzewski, General Manager of digitalSTROM. “digitalSTROM’s ecosystem is already populated with a healthy mix of smaller innovators and larger infrastructure builders.”

HERMES SoftLab, a ComTrade company is joining the general assembly of the digitalSTROM alliance and will present their working prototype of a digitalSTROM compliant proximity sensor. This ultra-fast delivery time prototype demonstrates HERMES SoftLab’s fast acquisition of new technologies and reflects well on the simplicity of the digitalSTROM technology as available today.