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28 | 09 | 2011

ITS is now a member of EMC academic family

ITS – Information Technology School became a member of the EMC Academic Alliance – an international community of High-education learning institutions. The initiative for establishing this kind of academic family was launched by the EMC – the world’s leading IT Company in the field of storage, virtualization, security and cloud computing.

ComTrade’s ITS school, is the only school in this part of Europe that has this type of cooperation and partnership with EMC Corporation.

Potential of ITS on a world scale marks the fact that a member of the coordinating committee of ITS is the EMC Vice President, William J. Teuber, Jr.

EMC Academic Alliance was created as a result of the need for competent personnel and lack of skills in the field of processing and storage of information in a time of increasingly faster development of IT field as well as the complexity it brings. Program courses in Information Storage and Management (ISM) are very important for the new types of IT skills required. Courses meet students with the latest technologies for the storage, management, virtualization and data migration.

ITS students will have access to a protected Web portal of EMC Corporation, possibility to use online resources and learning materials and to take courses in this domain. They will also have a chance to pay beneficial prices for the ISM certificates and many other features.

Read more about ITS and EMC Corporation at: and www.emc.comj