Comtrade is an international provider of IT solutions and software engineering services for:

  • high-tech vendors
  • small, medium and large companies
  • telecommunication providers
  • financial institutions
  • healthcare sector
  • public sector

We offer industry-leading expertise in:

  • data storage management
  • embedded systems
  • network systems management
  • gaming solutions
  • telecommunication solutions
  • e-solutions
  • customized application development

At Comtrade, our mission is to give customers a clear competitive edge by consistently delivering high quality technology products and services.

As a preferred partner for IT solutions and software engineering services to over 300 clients in 16 countries, Comtrade has built a global reputation for quality in terms of:

  • commitment to customer needs
  • high level of technology and subject matter expertise
  • innovative approach and proven processes
  • highly skilled and motivated employees

Established in 1990, Comtrade has become an important player in the global IT industry. We are recognized for our superior service delivery, focus on quality control and customer service by key international trade and industry organizations.

Our advantage is in our commitment to quality.

Over 1.000 software engineers are working in Comtrade offices in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Germany, Austria and USA.

Our success is built upon the fact that we value our clients and partners and strive to understand both their technology and business objectives. Our commitment is to provide up to date, reliable expertise and to bring the highest standards of software engineering and R&D to your project.

Comtrade is a proud member of these Associations: